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The Doodle Ink Refill Kiosk



The new Doodle Ink Refill Ltd. Kiosk is an automated refilling machine that can be easily operated. Simply select the model of cartridge on the touch screen, and follow the on-screen vocal and graphical step by step instructions. The kiosk is made from light weight materials and has a unique modular design


Our system refills all popular cartridge brands including HP, Canon, Lexmark, Brother, Compaq, Epson, and others. Inks are matched to OEM specifications.


The kiosk is semi automated and fills each cartridge using unique computer controlled multi vacuum chambers and digitally controlled peristaltic ink pumps. It can also be remotely updated with new cartridges as they are released onto the market via an internet link.


Perhaps the most impressive part of the Doodle Ink Refill Ltd. Kiosk is the minimal amount of training an operator needs. An operator, with only minutes training, can refill cartridges with professional results.

Key Features



  1. Computer Controlled Semi Automated Refill System.

  2. Easy To Use Step by Step Instructions.

  3. All Major Brands Refilled.

  4. Refills Over 300 Cartridge Models.

  5. Touch Screen or Mouse Operation.

  6. OEM Vacuum Refill Process Used for Professional Results.

  7. Multi Vacuum Chamber & Ink Delivery.

  8. Built-in Test Printers.

  9. Accurate Digital Scale.

  10. Atomizer Cartridge Head Cleaner.

  11. Fixed Filling Station.

  12. Internet Enabled.

  13. Modern Design.

  14. Locking Cabinets and Doors.

  15. Small Footprint.

  16. Screensaver Advertsing Function.

  17. Cartridges Updated Via Internet.

  18. Tracks Daily Cartridges Filled.

  19. Tracks Ink Inventory.

  20. High Tech Surge Protection System.

  21. Storage Units & Accessories.

  22. Toner Cartridge Ordering Function.

  23. Automatic start-up and Shut-off.

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