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Frequently Asked Questions






Q: How easy is it to fill a cartridge?

A: Staff can achieve professional results with minimal training. An operator can be trained in as little as one hour and can become a very experienced refiller in a few weeks. Step by step instructions using videos, graphics, and recorded instructions are included as a part of the refilling software. The machine also inlcudes training videos.


Q: How long does it take to fill a cartridge?
A: Most cartridges can be filled in  2 - 5 minutes.


Q: Does the Doodle Ink Refill Kiosk require alot of floor space?

A: No, the kiosk is only slightly less than four feet wide and two feet deep.


Q: Can staff also tend to customers while a cartridge is being filled?
A:  Yes, during cartridge evacuation, cleaning or filling stages, staff can be free to tend to cutomers if this is required. They can then easily continue the refilling process when finished.


Q: What is the cost of an average inkjet cartridge refill?

A:  Black inkjet cartridges are filled most frequently at an avergae cost from $10 - $12 per refill.


Q: Is there maintenance required for the Ink Refill Kiosk?

A: There is no routine maintenance required aside from wiping down areas at the end of the day after use as required.


Q: What is the frequnecy to change supplies?
A: Doodle Ink Refill will align the size of bulk containers and supply reserves with the amount of business conducted at sites so that consumables and ink are changed on average once every few months.


Q: Does the Doodle Ink Refill Kiosk use any toxic chemicals?
A: No, The inks that are in OEM inkjet cartridges are matched and used. There are no other chemicals used.


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