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REVENUES: 2015 revenues  for the inkjet cartridge industry in North Amercia were $23 Billion, and $33 Billion worldwide. This is indeed a high demand industry with great potential for profitability. The Doodle Ink Refill Ltd. Kiosk provides an environmentally freindly add-on service that will differentiate your store from the competition, attract new customers, and create an additional source of revenue. Alternatively The system may be the base of a stand alone Inkjet cartridge refilling business. As customers become more familiar with this new service revenues will increase monthly. While customers also wait for their cartridge to be refilled and shop in your store, this will result in additional increased sales of store merchandise.

SAVE CUSTOMERS MONEY!: This new service is in demand and will save customers up to 70% off the cost of OEM inkjet cartidges while also helping to save the environment.

INCREASE STORE TRAFFIC: The addition of a Doodle Ink Refill Ltd. Kiosk to your store will also increase foot traffic as potential customers are drawn to the modern kiosk to find out more about the service offering. Increased traffic will result in both refilling and store sales.


Talk to a Doodle Ink Refill Ltd. representative to find out more about how you can significantly boost sales by offering this exciting new service.

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